Why Dr. June

Speaker: Dr. June started speaking publicly at a young age in her Father’s church. From there she did programs at school and won speaking competitions. As she furthered her education and started speaking professionally, she realized the importance was a message to help people. Whether it’s an academic, corporate, community, or religious setting, her goal is to offer words of significance that resonates with the audience. Most of all, she is positive. Although she had struggles in life, she begin to APT
(Accentuate Positive Thinking) and started Time to APT, Inc. along with the APTacious Network that she encourages those in need or want to help others in need, personally or professionally, to join. Many have called Dr. June Sunshine due to her bright and positive attitude. Her message of refilling your glass to move forward in your business and personal life has reverberated compellingly with small business owners, corporations, and individuals who just needed a recharge to get them back on a positive track. If you are looking for a speaker who is dynamic, thought-provoking, caring and intentional then that is “why Dr. June”.

YouTube: Dr. June’s YouTube Talk Show, “Cooking Up Advice” is where they cook up a dish and dish out advice. In addition to speaking and offering workshops to various groups, colleges and organizations, she offers advice on morning news shows such as NBC Daytime TV and Bloom TV, CBS Great Day
Live, ABC Morning Blend, Black News Channel, and more. Now Dr. June has own fun, real, positive, show, offering sound, sage advice. Send your questions to

[email protected]

on relationships, career, family, and more to get the advice you need to move forward. You will remain
anonymous. Further, Dr. June interviews performers, authors, and various professionals to bring informational entertainment to you. Subscribe and hit the notification button so you can catch all the
segments to learn recipes, get answers to your questions, and enjoy her guests. Promotional opportunities for businesses are also available.

Author: Dr. June loves to read and write. Before Kindergarten she was reading books on her own and started writing little poems. After grad school, she wrote her first self-help book, “No More Pity Parties” then after her doctorate she wrote, “No More Career Pity Parties” mainly for college students. Her more recent and current book, “After the Pity Party” shares insight on moving forward in celebrating the good even when things in life go awry. While her writing offers a non-sense approach, it is fun-loving and helpful for those who want steps to a more enjoyable life and could use a boost of positivity. In addition to her self-help books, she shares workbooks with her seminar attendees to utilize during and after the event that is useful for everyday life. Having Dr. June’s book is like having a piece of positivity with you whenever needed. 

Phone: (813)-993-8100